The Go-To Driving School in Edinburgh

Not your average driving school...

More than just an excuse to buy a new car, learning to drive is an important life skill that will greatly enhance your mobility, whether you need to get around town more effectively or if you're a keen traveller who wants easy access to more remote areas of the country.

We offer the best prices on driving lessons

With our long-standing experience in the industry, we're keenly aware of the significant challenges that learning to drive can pose to people from various locations and age groups. Here is how we approach some of the most common obstacles facing potential drivers:

  • The cost of driving lessons

We endeavour to walk the fine line between fantastic quality of service and affordability to our customers, helping you to earn your driving licence at minimal cost. Our extraordinarily high customer satisfaction rates and first-time pass rates are a testament to the value our driving school offers each and every customer. Please click here to see our current rates.

  • The stress of learning to drive

Memorising the rules of the road, skilfully negotiating a car and preparing for your driving test are stressful enough. This is why we always create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in the car during your lessons so that getting to grips with your vehicle becomes a smooth and stress-free process.

  • Finding time to commit to driving tuition

From nervous teenagers to busy 50 year-olds, we've covered it all! That's why we offer a diverse range of driving courses to fit in with your busy lifestyle, whether you're on a tight budget, balancing school or work requirements or undergoing difficult personal circumstances.

Nervous learner drivers welcome!

Even if you're a bit nervous, we're sure you'll love your personalised lesson plans when you begin attending our driving school and you'll enjoy tracking your progress through both the practical and theoretical aspects of driving. Every one of our students has different strengths and weaknesses, and we'll be sure to target improving the areas you struggle with while praising your talent in other areas.

Driving should be fun, and with our instructors, it can be!

You can rest assured that all of our driving instructors have been certified, consistently help students to pass their driving tests and maintain a friendly yet professional demeanor at all times whilst giving instruction.

We're no strangers to the often-unpleasant weather in Scotland, so we'll prepare you to tackle any number of adverse weather conditions and busy traffic situations -- only when you're ready, of course! If you're a particularly anxious beginner, you can rest assured that we'll ease you into the world of driving with our effective and comforting teaching style. With our extensive knowledge of the local area, our driving instructors can confidently steer you around, whether you'll be motoring through the Lothians or traversing the city centre.

Road Safety

Even more than the great quality of service and value we offer, your safety on the road is paramount to us. We want to embed safe driving skills in you so that we're confident in your ability to safely negotiate the road and other drivers once your (inevitably) earn your license. We will recommend as much driver training as we see fit until we're entirely confident in your abilities. As Edinburgh's top driving school, we consider it our mission to make our local area that little bit safer!