Edinburgh's Favourite Driving Instructors

Here at The Edinburgh Driving School, you can rest assured that all lessons are conducted by fully qualified experts.All of our instructors are carefully hand-picked and chosen by us for their professionalism, personality, enthusiasm, reliability and, of course,their excellent pass rates!

When you book a lesson we will allocate the driving instructor that has the scheduling flexibility that you require; however, you may choose your own instructor based on their grade if you prefer! Students may also select from male and female driving instructors, to ensure the most comfortable atmosphere for their driving training experience.

The right instructor for your needs

Selecting the correct instructor to suit your personality and help you tackle your weaknesses is no small feat. When you have the right instructor, you will progress more quickly through your driving course, therefore requiring fewer lessons and saving money. As part of our excellent customer communication process, we always stay in touch and check that you are quite happy with your allocated driving instructor after your first lesson to ensure your happiness and test results. As a highly adaptable driving school, we are perfectly happy to make relevant modifications and amendements to your driver training programme, as needed.

Why should I choose your driving instructors?

  • Thorough knowledge of driving in Edinburgh and the Lothians
  • Consistent pass rates and superb first-time pass rates
  • Ability to select the best pricing structure for you
  • Our driving instructors offer a door-to-door pick up and drop off service
  • Genuine passion and enthusiasm for both driving and teaching
  • Reassuring, patient, comfortable style of teaching
  • Continuing professional development and ongoing driving instructor training
  • Instills you with comprehensive driving knowledge, confidence and a firm belief in your capabilities.

Don't settle for less than the BEST driving instructors: ADIs

Our expert DSA Approved driving instructors have received their qualifications after passing the requisite 3 exams set by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). Many hundreds of potential or “trainee” instructors sit these exams each year in the UK and only 28% of them go on to qualify as an ADI.

Of course we ONLY use ADI’s so when you choose the Edinburgh Driving School, you are being taught by the most highly qualified driving instructors that the UK has to offer.Typically, within a year of passing the ADI exams, your instructor is required to pass another DSA test. These “check tests” are conducted to ensure that your instructor is still teaching to DSA standards.

All our instructors have been fully qualified, and teaching people to drive for many years. Our instructors are well known in the city, and because of that are very highly sought after. Due to this, don't be surprised when you need to wait a couple of weeks to start learning to drive with them.

From early morning to late evening, weekdays and weekends, our driving instructors are here to serve!

Although there may be a particular time of day or day of the week that suits you, we commonly recommend that you arrange your driving lessons for different times of the day and night. We want you to experience as many different road conditions as possible whilst learning to drive: from quiet country roads in the late morning to the busy city bypass during rush hour.Ideally, by the time you reach test standard, you will be a pro at driving through different weather conditions and locations and you'll have the necessary confidence to ace your test!