Student Driving Lessons

Our driving instructors will have you up and running in no time

Recognizing the financial constraints placed upon those in education, The Edinburgh Driving School offers a fantastic range of student discounted driving lessons. We understand better than most that people at college and university have transport requirements and that learning to drive would massively benefit their lifestyle. At the same time, students have little, if any, income and often struggle to afford the services of premier driving instructors.

We don't wish to stretch and strain an already limited budget, which is why we have plummeted our rates to accommodate for those who are studying to better themselves. We hope you'll agree that we offer the most competitive prices on student driving lessons in Edinburgh!

From driving student to student with a driving licence...

While you are learning to drive with us, part of your programme will be to get personal lesson plans and a progress report:

We provide lesson plans at the end of every lesson. These show you where you are in terms of your driving progress to date, and what you are going to learn in your next session.

Our progress reports let you know what your strengths and skills as a driver are, as well as pointing out areas for further development.

Together, they show you where you are and the action that will be taken going forward, and can prove invaluable if you are also having lessons with your friends and family.

All you need to book your first lesson is a UK provisional driving licence. We can help you organise this if you don’t already have one! Your instructor will need to see your provisional licence on your first lesson in order to proceed.

To Receive the Student Discount, our Instructors MUST see you're Student I.D. Card issued by your College or University.


  • 1 ½ Hour Lesson - £43.50

  • 2 Hour Lesson - £58.00

    (pre-paid block booking)

  • 10 Hours of Lessons - £285.00

  • 20 Hours of Lessons - £560.00

Whether you're relaxing at home or hitting the books in the library, our friendly driving instructors will pick you up and deliver you back to your chosen destination. Collection and drop off for your driving lesson is FREE anywhere in Edinburgh.

Please note that student prices are not available if you want to drive at the weekend or in the evening. The rates are massively discounted because you have much more time than someone who works office hours.Our student discounted rates are only available on driving lessons from 9am until 5pm, between Monday and Friday.

Don't delay - Act today!